Dark Kyraki is a exclusive/tourney prize character in Devil Beater.

Moves Edit

Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None "fire your rooty tooty point'n shooty" 25 per bullet 5s
E None "trip and fall on your face" 25 ~7s
R None "shoot a big bullet" 25 ~5s
F None "Gaining the power of Rasta Banana, you begin to shoot out goats for a short time." BuffSmall chance of +1-3 damage (?) ~20s
X KING KONG "a car drives behind you and hits you and makes you fly around" one trillion and a half per truck ~2 seconds

Dark In General Edit

Dark is literally like Rifo except better in nearly every shape and form because of literally everything. Though the playstyles are slightly different due to the lack of an E to change bullet types, instead he summons multiple goats from the ground with 10 HP lifesteal, which was originally just tripping. He has an insane amount of low damage DPS, and his bullets are large enough to where aiming isn't much of a problem. He is also capable of creating server lag to prevent you and other people in a server from dying in the Trumpet Blaster.

50/50/50 Dark Edit

At 50/50/50 Dark gains a new move. The ability to fire a car. This deals the same amount of damage as his bullets do, and able to knock other players into the air. At first this ability is just to mess with other players, it actually has combat merit as the second you press X you can jump and avoid getting hit, and if aimed correctly hit the opponent and momentarily stunning them, this can also somewhat save players as it also does the same in certain situations.

Conclusion Edit

50/50/50 Rifo at even something as low as 15 except 10x better in nearly every way shape and form minus the lack of healing others.

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